Back Home (Sort Of)

This band is often (but not always) referred to as “a band from Caldas da Rainha”, which is not (strictly) true. Of course, one of our members is indeed from there, lives there, and has had many other projects which have shaped the music landscape of this town, and another two have a family relationship with the place and consider it their “other home”.

We don’t mind, and actually feel kind of proud tbh.

All this to say that we’re playing at Spacy Club, in Caldas da Rainha, on the 9th of June, and it does feel a little bit like coming home, especially since many of our fans live there… The atmosphere will go to 11, we hope.

Join us!

9 JUNE, 2023 – 22:00

Spacy Club

Rua Engenheiro Cancela Abreu 11
Caldas da Rainha

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